Pink and Blue – Gender Student Chic

We were on foot when we saw him cruise past, and we obviously couldn’t let this nonchalantly cool dude escape!

After a short (but blisteringly fast) pursuit, we were lucky to catch him as he dismounted a few hundred yards up the road. Phew!

It turns out that Jordan is a gender studies research student at UCL, which makes his pink and blue bike all the more wonderful! A little research on our part revealed that pink used to be the colour for baby boys, and blue used to be associated with baby girls – a lot can change in century, but true cycle chic never goes out of style 😉

Jordan pink bike.jpg
Today is the first day of Spring (as far as the sunshine/temperature are concerned), and so the sunglasses are totally warranted

Save Cycle-Superhighway 11!

With her long coat, practical basket, and natty knitted hat, we simply had to ask this stylish lady for her photograph.

Little did we know, however, that this is no ordinary bike rider. This is Dr. Rachel Aldred, senior lecturer in transport at the University of Westminster. She was attending a London Cycling Campaign rally in support of Cycle-Superhighway 11 – a route that would provide a vital corridor of protected cycling infrastructure from North London to the centre of town.

Rachel Aldred.jpg

Consultations for this Superhighway close on March 20th, so if you would like to help out, please give support for the proposals and let Transport for London know what a brilliant idea it is!

Through her media appearances and contributions, Rachel Aldred has done some tremendous work promoting good infrastructure for people on bikes. The fact that she turns out for protests like this one shows that she really practices what she preaches.

Follow Rachel on Twitter: @rachelaldred

Suave Doctor Testing Bikes

This charming London doctor was conducting some test rides on a modern Dutch bike. He said that he’s looking for something comfortable and low-maintenance, so going Dutch was an obvious choice.

He first came across utility bikes in Copenhagen, which is of course the home of the Original Cycle Chic.

When asked if we thought the bike suited him, we replied that it was a blog-worthy match!


Hats Off to this Dapper City Gent

I don’t know if it’s the bowler hat, the tweed coat, the leather gloves, the classic mixte, or the superlative moustache… but this gentleman is in a class of his own!

Ben Tribalhunter

Modern London Cycle Chic lives on, even in an age of hi-viz and helmets. We salute you, sir.

Spotted in the Regent’s Park area while attending the London Cycling Campaign’s “Save CS11 protest”