Antique Chic

Headline news hit London yesterday:

Elderly cyclist spotted casually riding penny-farthing through red light in south London

OMG, right? It seems that feral penny-farthing riders are taking over the streets of our fair city, towering over taxis and causing pollution and congestion on every road!


penny farthing london cycle chic.jpg
Photo credit: Lee Pelayo

Pure, news-worthy chaos, clearly.


Beauty and the Bicycle

We were riding in the opposite direction when she caught our eye – in order to get her photograph, we stopped so suddenly that we left skid-marks on the road!

The red hair, the wicker basket, the cream tyres, the matching turquoise scarf + bike frame…

As cycle-chic goes, this girl’s got it down!


On a bicycle built for two…

When I saw this beautiful couple riding along, there was naturally only one song going through my head!

And it was so nice to see a touch of Continental riding in London – how long do we have to wait before this is the norm?


Brilliantly beaming smiles from these awesomely chic French riders – chapeau!


Absolute Boss (with a basket)

His time-worn leather bag sits up front in the traditional wicker basket, adding spades of character this otherwise unassuming ride. The attire is conventional city-chic, but details like shades, rugged boots, and an open collar show that he’s his own boss.

London Boss chic

Hail to the chief!


Undampenable Cycling Spirit!

The heady mix of sunshine and showers wasn’t enough to deter today’s intrepid rider.

Her all-weather Dutch bike was working well with the waterproof poncho and panniers to make this Springtime shopping trip much more manageable!


You saw it here first: utility biking is alive and thriving in London town.


Form and Fur

Maybe it’s the sculpted angles of the mixte frame that appealed to today’s chic cyclist – she described herself as an architect, but what she does seems to go way beyond architecture as we know it! (Check out her website here)

For our purposes, we love her style! Not a thread of hi-viz, just a smile and a classic steel bike. And check out the glorious sunshine in the background – looks like summer’s just around the corner!

Architect chic.jpg


Single-Speed – London Style

Low-maintenance, clean lines, half link chains, and unparalleled connectedness to your bike’s rear wheel – just some of the reasons why single-speed fixies remain as popular as ever in cities like London.

We spotted 18 year old Remus in Camden Town, where he was kind enough to let us take his picture. We asked if the fixie was his first love, and he told us that flatland BMX is actually more his cup of tea (just not quite so practical for actual transport!).

Remus Camden 1.jpg

After moving to London from Spain, Remus was pleased to discover the flatland hot-spot known locally as The Green Mile in West Norwood Park. However, Remus and his flatland friends are currently fighting to defend this internationally famous spot from the council who want to use the land for something else. Countless tricks have been pioneered in this organic, free space, and the The Green Mile attracts professional riders who come to share their skills and experience with the local BMXers.

If anyone wants to support Remus and his friends, or get some more information about The Green Mile (or see some truly incredible videos!), check out the passionately-named I LOVE THE GREEN MILE group on Facebook.