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A gentleman on a Dutch granny-bike? Well, just so long as he didn’t steal it from someone’s grandma!

The omafiets (tr. ‘grandmother bike’) is a very traditional kind of Dutch bike that is best known for its upright and elegant riding style, easy to use step-through frame, and utilitarian (i.e. black) paint job.

While most people in the UK would think it’s a “ladies” bikes, the oma is actually just a universally comfortable and practical design. This particular model takes practicality to the highest degree with a foldable front box and dynamo lighting. Seriously, who needs a car when bikes like this exist!?

Undampenable Cycling Spirit!

The heady mix of sunshine and showers wasn’t enough to deter today’s intrepid rider.

Her all-weather Dutch bike was working well with the waterproof poncho and panniers to make this Springtime shopping trip much more manageable!


You saw it here first: utility biking is alive and thriving in London town.