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Form and Fur

Maybe it’s the sculpted angles of the mixte frame that appealed to today’s chic cyclist – she described herself as an architect, but what she does seems to go way beyond architecture as we know it! (Check out her website here)

For our purposes, we love her style! Not a thread of hi-viz, just a smile and a classic steel bike. And check out the glorious sunshine in the background – looks like summer’s just around the corner!

Architect chic.jpg

Hats Off to this Dapper City Gent

I don’t know if it’s the bowler hat, the tweed coat, the leather gloves, the classic mixte, or the superlative moustache… but this gentleman is in a class of his own!

Ben Tribalhunter

Modern London Cycle Chic lives on, even in an age of hi-viz and helmets. We salute you, sir.

Spotted in the Regent’s Park area while attending the London Cycling Campaign’s “Save CS11 protest”