Swedish Bike, Scottish Tweed, and London Cycling

Today’s gentleman was spotted at the Camden Bike Fair that took place around the back of King’s Cross Station. He was gliding around on a classy, upright Swedish bike being exhibited by one of the local bike shops, and was kind enough to let us take his photo.

We’re not sure if he ever bought the bike that he’s pictured with, but I think we can all agree that it suits him! Very dapper ­čśë

Ben Knowles CYCLE CHIC

Antique Chic

Headline news hit London yesterday:

Elderly cyclist spotted casually riding penny-farthing through red light in south London

OMG, right? It seems that feral penny-farthing riders are taking over the streets of our fair city, towering over taxis and causing pollution and congestion on every road!


penny farthing london cycle chic.jpg
Photo credit: Lee Pelayo

Pure, news-worthy chaos, clearly.